Nicola Fuentes Toubia

Fuentes Toubia, PLLC is a law firm dedicated to the legal and tax issues facing nonprofit organizations. The past decade has brought significant changes to the nonprofit community. While many of these changes have been good, many have increased the compliance obligations of all nonprofit organizations. Today’s nonprofits must operate more transparently, meet more rules and do so in a budget constrained environment.

Fuentes Toubia, PLLC can help your nonprofit meet these challenges. My firm’s philosophy respects the culture of the philanthropic community. My firm’s approach uses cost efficient and creative methods to resolve its clients’ tough compliance, governance, transactional and tax issues. My goal in representing my clients is to allow them to focus on their missions while I address their legal or tax matters.

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Practice Areas

Fuentes Toubia, PLLC has numerous practice areas dedicated to the legal issues that are unique to nonprofits.  While it does advise clients on other issues, the following practice areas are the firm’s core concentrations.