A well-governed nonprofit is more attractive to donors and less of a target for government audits.   So, it is critical that nonprofit officers, directors and/or trustees understand their duties of loyalty, care and obedience. 

Good corporate practices and procedures can help manage risk and may reduce liability. 

I advise nonprofit clients with respect to a variety of governance issues, such as:

  • Board composition and duties
  • Maintaining good board minutes and resolutions
  • Bylaws
  • Ethical obligations for interactions with a nonprofit organization
  • Advantages and disadvantages of an Advisory Committee
  • Appropriate types of committees and structures
  • Relevant board and organizational policies
    • Conflicts of interest policy
    • Gift acceptance and naming rights policies
    • Investment policy
    • Codes of conduct/whistleblower policies
    • Document retention policy
    • Cybersecurity policy
    • Media policy
    • Procurement policy